Skoob Books

Skoob Books is a secondhand bookshop in the basement of Brunswick Centre—a brutalist slab of concrete in the heart of Bloomsbury in Central London. Two metal flights of stairs will take you from the glass entrance hall, plastered with vintage book posters and littered with free promotional leaflets, to an industrial underground space filled with over 65,000 titles ranging from academic writing to cookbooks.

The shelves are packed and crammed close together to fit the vast stock into a fairly limited space as efficiently as possible. Stacks of books that didn’t fit lie on the floor and chairs and behind the till and any other reasonably flat surface. There are some epic browsing experiences to be had.

Skoob Books

The fairly inconspicuous entrance from Handel Street.

Book display

The entrance hall is cool.


The academic section.


No bullshit. Just books.

Used books

Nonfiction with boxes on the floor.

A piano in a bookshop

A piano in the music section.

Genre fiction at Skoob Books

Crime fiction.

Sci-fi and fantasy books

Sci-fi and fantasy.

Skoob Books

Classics and rare books by the till. Skoob’s website.

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